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how to mod zombies on black ops offline

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1.) First you need to go to system settings on your xbox and go down to memory and press A then press Y and go to clear system cache and you need to click yes 2.) Second go to system settings, memory, games, call of duty black ops and when you see call of duty : 7 update 3 delete it 3.) Now watch this vid to see how to mod it 4.) Unplug your wireless adapter from the back of your xbox 5.) Go on zombies, solo and play offline In this video i am showing you how to mod call of duty black ops zombies offline Download links: Modio - Modded gpd - How to use the mods: DPAD DOWN: God Mode DPAD UP: Noclip DPAD LEFT: Drop weapon DPAD RIGHT: Give RayGun give minigun/zues cannon/freeze gun Left Bumper: toggle the timescale (normal - fast - slow) Right Bumper: delete all zombies on map Plz Comment Rate Like and Subscribe Thanks :)

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how to mod zombies on black ops offline
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